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By 0to5 • November 12, 2012

Teaming up with Singly for Social Superpowers

(Skip down to the video if you don't feel like reading!)

There's a new hip or useful breakout app coming out every few weeks.


It's already less-than-easy to integrate with prevalent and mature APIs like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (who likes dealing with OAuth themselves, anyway?). So who really wants to keep tabs on, much less do the work to integrate with, these and other more niche channels for identity, data access, synching, sharing and a whole host of the messy data work that goes with it?


Enter Singly – the fabric that connects apps together, empowering the rapidly expanding, new class of mobile developers. Singly's service bridges an app user's data and friends from one app to another in more powerful ways while saving developers time and energy replicating common patterns and maintenance fixes. Whether you want users to login with their GitHub, Twitter, Flickr, Google or any other myriad of accounts — Singly rounds up all APIs into one, providing developers with a unique and useful service.


"What does this mean for me?" you ask. Good question!

Teaming up with Singly for Social Superpowers

Prior to now, in order to use our account management and privacy features you had to prompt the user for an email address and password. Our partnership and integration with Singly allows you to create user accounts using any of the major social networks. This makes it trivial to have that "Login With Facebook" or "Login with Twitter" button, but with many of the social networks Singly supports:Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Twitter, Withings, Dropbox, FitBit, GitHub, WordPress, Instagram,, Tumblr, and Yammer (say that all in one breath!). As Singly integrates with more networks (which they do at a blazingly fast speed) we will support them as well.


Beyond auth and login, Singly also gives you fast, structured user data from those networks (like photos, friends, checkins etc). And best of all you get access to all of this through your CloudMine account using our existing APIs! Singly has been completely integrated into the CloudMine platform, OAuth and all.


All this not only makes it possible to authenticate using a popular social network, but it also makes it even easier to engage with users' connections on these networks. All that's left to do is bask in your success and focus on making an awesome app!


Read about how to quickly implement social logins in your app in our docs (REST, JavaScript, Android). iOS developers: never fear, native social integration will be coming to you soon.


(CloudMine + Singly Partnership Announcement from CloudMine on Vimeo)

And as always, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions at, via Twitter @cloudmine, or by using the comments section below.

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