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By Stephanie Musal • July 11, 2016

Is Pokemon Go Stealing your Data?

Pokemon Go is climbing the app store charts since it’s release. It has already passed popular app Tinder and is projected to also outdownload Twitter. This is in part because the game has brought nostalgia to those growing up with the hit anime TV series. The game has also had some unexpected positive effects on mental health, exercise rates, and socialization.  

When you first sign up for the account you are prompted with two options, sign up with your Google account or in the Pokemon Trainer Club. The Pokemon Trainer Club has at least momentarily stopped accepting new sign ups, so you will be left with signing in with gmail. Normally when you sign in with Google from an application you are prompted with the options below to grant access to an application.


Pokemon Go, does not prompt you with the access message, and instead grants Pokemon Go full access to everything in your Google Account. According to the Google help page  “When you grant full account access, the application can see and modify nearly all information in your Google Account”


Meaning, Pokemon Go and developer Niantic can now:

  • Read all of your email
  • Send email as you
  • Access/edit/delete all of your Google drive documents
  • Look at your search history and your Maps navigation history
  • Access any private photos you may store in Google Photos
  • And more

To check if your account is effected, check your security preferences here.



From the link above you should be able to see every app that has access to your gmail account and what level of access.

While, Pokemon Go has not sent out any fixes for this problem yet, Data security is one of CloudMine’s main pillars. If you’d like to speak to with one of our experts about best steps to make sure any application you’re building is secure email us at or sign up for a demo here:

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