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By 0to5 • September 28, 2015

Intern Stories: Engineering for Growth

I arrived at CloudMine on the day before Thanksgiving in 2014 and there were only a handful of people in the office. I was interviewing for the co-op I wouldn't start until April. It wasn't the first co-op interview I went to, and it wouldn't be the last – but I sure wanted it to be. From that first glimpse of CloudMine, I was certain that I wanted to spend my co-op here. The people seemed cool, the work sounded interesting – what more could I want out of a co-op?


As it turned out, I was spot on with both of those assessments, but it was really the people that made the experience so enjoyable. From the very first week, I was treated as a real member of the team, not just as The Intern. My first project, creating an open-source JavaScript library, was independent from what everyone else was working on and gave me the opportunity to manage my own project, a notion that would hold true throughout my time with CloudMine. That did not, however, stop anyone from inviting me into conversations about the many other activities going on at CloudMine. I picked up a lot of interesting tidbits of knowledge about everything from cool tools to make my life easier to conceptual discussions about database selection and plenty of things in between. This casual inclusion in both strategic and tactical operation has made me feel a true part of CloudMine – and has led to my decision to continue working part-time, even after my co-op.


Another exciting thing I've seen during my time at CloudMine is the company's growth. In the short six months that I've been with the company Engineering has doubled in size, and added a number of specialists to tackle new & exciting initiatives. Similarly, the rest of the company has been growing – we've added entirely new teams as we outpace the ability to operate as the startup company we once were. We've created a product which handles one of the most important aspects of data storage – security – and we have a third-party HIPAA attestation and ISO 27001 certification to prove it. The growth of CloudMine as a whole has almost been as exciting as the personal growth I've experienced on this co-op. CloudMine provides a service that I feel will empower the mobile and connected world by allowing developers to try out the crazy ideas they have, without exhausting too much energy on system design. Who knows – maybe one of them turns out to be "the next big thing" that everyone is dying to have. And I'd love to come back to a CloudMine that is doing just that.


CloudMine is always growing! If you're interested in exploring careers with CloudMine either as a full time employee or an intern, please take a look at our Careers page for more information.