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By 0to5 • December 11, 2014

Host your site on CloudMine (and deploy it with a push)

We've been polishing this feature for a while now, and we're pleased to officially announce it. You can now use CloudMine to host your HTML5 / JavaScript powered apps. We've streamlined the deploy process: you can either drag-and-drop your site's assets into the Dashboard, or use a git push-based deploy system.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Sign in to your CloudMine account and navigate to your Dashboard. Follow the instructions to create a new site. You'll be given the option to deploy your site via a zip file of assets, or via git. If you've ever used Heroku, you already know how your site deploys will work – just add the CloudMine remote, and push to it when you make changes.



We'll provide you with a generated hostname ( being an example). However, it's easy to use your own domain: just CNAME your domain to and write it in the Additional Host Names field – we take care of the rest.


We also provide SSL support automatically – just visit your host with https instead of http (see for an example).

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