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By Ashley Hannan • October 2, 2018

Expanding the Capabilities of the Connected Health Cloud

Since the release of the Connected Health Cloud in early 2018, the CloudMine Product and Engineering teams have been hard at work, continually expanding the latest version of our platform to enable customers building on CloudMine to do more, more efficiently. Our driving goal for the latest round of enhancements has been a focus on self-service capabilities to reduce the friction that results from developing digital healthcare and life science applications. Empower our clients to go farther on CloudMine and we believe they will succeed.

Though we highlight only a few of the key enhancements in this post, new features--big and small--are released on a regular basis and we encourage our users to stay informed via our Release Notes!

More Robust Developer Tooling

Exposed Application Preferences

Customization is the key to a shared cloud solution with flexibility and longevity. To further elevate our Connected Health Cloud, we first focused on empowering our developers control over their environment and applications; as a result, we exposed application preferences within the Connected Health Cloud UI, granting the ability to set the following:

  • Auto Timestamps
  • Auto ID
  • Total Active Session Tokens
  • Session Token Duration
  • Logic Engine Log Rotation

With these preferences at your fingertips, security, compliance and user experience can be managed in a single screen.  To learn more about setting preferences for your application in the Connected Health Cloud, be sure to review our Getting Started Guide!

Archived Logic Engine Logs

Logic Engine is a central component of the CloudMine offering and, now, users of the Connected Health Cloud can readily access archived Logic Engine logs for troubleshooting and auditing purposes directly within the UI, eliminating the need to request logs from CloudMine support. Once enabled for your application via the Application Preferences screen, archived logs are available as a downloadable .zip from the Dev Tools screen.

Password Reset Settings

Customize password reset settings to further personalize the experience of users in an application built on CloudMine. In the Application Preferences UI, set the following details easily to adapt your password reset emails:

  • Reset URL
  • Reply to Address
  • Email from Address
  • Email Subject
  • Email Body

Identity Management with SSO through SAML

At CloudMine, we value the time of those using our platform and recognize that every minute not spent on development can lead to costly delays and impeded innovation. In an effort to streamline identity management in the Connected Health Cloud, the Organization Owner, principal role of the Organization structure, is now further empowered to configure Single Sign-On (SSO) through SAML via the CHC UI. Now, minimal effort is required to implement a single point of authentication using a secure identity provider and increase client application interoperability. For more information on setting up SAML for your CloudMine organization, review our Getting Started Guide today.

Hosted Site Security Enhancements

Security is a foremost concern for applications and hosted sites developed on CloudMine and towards that end, we recently released enhancements to our Hosted Site UI in the Connected Health Cloud that allows for the configuration of the Strict-Transport-Security header via a single checkbox to mitigate MITM (man-in-the-middle) attacks while also easily setting X-Frame-Options for your hosted site. With the changes, you can rest assured that your sites are accessed securely and your data is transmitted securely.

The CloudMine Product team has been busy designing features that continue to meet the changing needs of our clients who, in turn, are equipped to change the digital healthcare ecosystem. With every release we look to expand the toolkit our clients have at their disposal in the Connected Health Cloud and have received positive feedback on these new features and the upgraded user interface. We continue to look ahead to the future with the intent to continue broadening the capabilities of CHC, and look forward to sharing those with our clients frequently.

If you haven’t already upgraded to utilize these new capabilities, schedule your upgrade to the new Connected Health Cloud today! If you don’t have an account, reach out to our customer success team to learn more, schedule a strategy session or sign up for a free trial!