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By Hansel Akers • November 6, 2017

Enabling Clinical Trial Data in the Cloud

Clinical Trials and Cloud Storage

Until recently, clinical trials have been run the same way for decades; handwritten forms, in person check-ups, and on-prem solutions that leave clinical trial data largely inoperable. For a lot of years, this system made sense. There was no solution that gave researchers the convenience of the digital world, the reliability of an enterprise solution,  and the assurance of security that clinical trials need.

However, many industry leaders are quietly partnering with innovative cloud companies and moving their trials to the cloud, resulting in a significant competitive advantage.

Accelerating and Improving Innovation

Connected Clinical Trials alleviate time-intensive tasks like handwritten forms. They replace dated document sharing like faxing.  And they automate monotonous document review.

The image below from the IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing Study shows some additional benefits, and reasons industry leaders are moving their clinical trials to the cloud [1].

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 11.13.44 AM.png       

In addition to benefiting the sponsoring healthcare or life science organization, there are also benefits for participants. By allowing trial participants to electronically sign consent forms, take surveys that can be pushed right to a mobile device, and video conference in a secure telehealth environment, Connected Clinical Trials can reach a larger audience, reduce the need for travel, and offer a more interactive set of instructions for when a participant isn’t on site.

By moving clinical trial data to the cloud, researchers can create a more connected clinical trial experience. This can include syncing survey answers, participant healthcare information, and data from wearable or IoT devices back to the cloud where it can be put through an analytics platform for a more dynamic UI/UX experience for researchers.

All of these improvements result in a larger participant reach, higher retention rates, improved reporting opportunities, and flexibility in supporting evolving business needs.

CloudMine’s Solution and Apple’s ResearchKit

CloudMine was built with security as a priority. CloudMine’s Connected Health Cloud is HIPAA compliant, as well as HITRUST and ISO 27001 certified. CloudMine extends Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) to mitigate risk from healthcare and life science organizations while giving them the flexibility of having data live in the cloud.

In addition to storage, CloudMine offers a robust set of developer tools and Software Development Kits (SDKs) that help transform everyday devices, like smart phones and tablets,  into mobile health devices that can be leveraged for medical research. For example, many people who are building Connected Clinical Trials are utilizing CloudMine’s Software Development Kit (SDK) for Apple’s open source framework, ResearchKit, to significantly improve speed of development for their research applications.

If you are interested in learning more about how to use CloudMine’s platform with Apple’s HealthKit, check out our robust Apple Resource Center here.