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By CloudMine • February 1, 2018

CloudMine’s Playbook for a Big Game LII Victory

As a Philadelphia based organization, we felt it was our duty to help coach the Eagles into a victory on Sunday and upon further review, their playbook and ours look strikingly similar.  So, whether you are Doug Pederson or running innovation for a healthcare focused organization, take a knee - because we've got your game plan for success outlined here!

Security: First and foremost, you have to protect the ball at all times - one breach could spell disaster. The coaches need hold up the play sheet over their face to ensure privacy (you never know who might be spying), and, of course, you’ll want to monitor the pressure in those game balls at all times.

Interoperability: Arguably, nothing is more complex than the schemes put in place for a championship game - new plays are introduced and new variations on old plays are designed. But it all has to be connected — players must run the right routes, hit the right blocks, shoot the correct gaps. No matter how many bells and whistles, if you don’t work as a single unit, your visionary game plan is all for naught.

Agility and Innovation: Especially in a big game, recognizing opportunities, adapting, and adjusting on the go usually determines who holds the trophy as the confetti falls. Having the tools and the capabilities to build on the move, and a (team) environment that’s ready to deploy rapidly, is a game-changing advantage.

As a remarkable (and sometimes improbable) past season has proven, the components required for the ultimate victory are there. On game day Sunday, they all must connect. At CloudMine, we’ve upped our game in the past year and have deepened our expertise around applying Enterprise Health Clouds to transform disease management and clinical trials. We’re confident that we’re putting our customers on the road to victory as they seek to make Connected Healthcare “fly”.

Interested in learning more about how to build your digital health solution in a HIPAA-Ready Environment? Download our whitepaper here