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By 0to5 • December 7, 2015

CloudMine + Xamarin = Better Full-Stack Mobile Development!

We've got some exciting news to share — We just released CloudMine's Connected Health SDK in to the Xamarin Component Store!

This means that you, as the developer of any Xamarin-based project, now have easy access to the entirety of our backend mobile services! Let's explore what that means for you.


First and foremost, we love Xamarin. Their product, people and processes make mobile development so much easier than it used to be given all the complexities across devices, operating systems and interfaces. Our engineers have used Xamarin for internal apps and have been active in the Mono and open source .NET community for ages.


The thing is, no matter how efficiently your front-end development goes, you're still responsible for choosing servers, designing architectures, implementing security controls, scaling those systems, managing users, and so much more.


While Xamarin shines with their front-end cross-platform development tools, testing and monitoring capabilities, there is still a gaping hole for handling the backend functions of your mobile apps. And these typically account for 70% of development efforts, so they're truly a high priority and resource drain.



Our SDK is designed as a Portable Class Library offering server side integrations to make your workload significantly lighter, so you can truly focus on designing experiences, testing interfaces and monitoring and iterating user experiences.


We've made it super easy to integrate CloudMine's SDK with existing .NET applications and data sources so you can use CloudMine data through the same interfaces you — and your users — are already familiar with.


After talking with and learning from many Xamarin developers in the field — including several that work on our own development team — we heard the same thing over and over again: implementing user management sucks, scaling entire systems sucks even more, and Xamarin is awesome. And that's exactly where we come in! Don't worry about that complex stuff. We've got you covered.


You go focus on writing C# code and using Xamarin to deploy apps across iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and more, and writing custom business logic and the secret sauce that makes your apps special, and CloudMine will take care of everything else. Seriously.




Should you have any further questions, requests, or issues, please reach out to us at any time through and we'll get back to you quickly.