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By 0to5 • March 1, 2016

CloudMine Launches Connected Health Cloud at HIMSS 2016 Conference

CloudMine, a secure, cloud-based platform that helps healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations to build intelligent, connected applications, has announced today the launch of its new product, the Connected Health Cloud. For the first time, all parties across the healthcare chain will have the technology they need to bring together disparate data and apply powerful analysis to improve patient care. The ultimate benefit is that all users will be empowered to derive meaningful insights that then engage patients and healthcare providers to improve the quality of care and ultimately patient outcomes.

The HIPAA-compliant Connected Health Cloud is made up of three components: an interoperability engine, cognitive analytics and developer tools. The secure interoperability engine enables organizations to incorporate wearables, sensors and medical devices to the continuum of care; and marry EHR data with personal fitness. It also connects with leading big data analytics platforms to help users gain a better understanding of patient data and take action to improve outcomes. Cognitive analytics allow users to improve compliance reporting, audit lodging and threat detection. The developer tools provide end-to-end encryption and constant monitoring.


“We created the Connected Health Cloud as a way of achieving the gold standard of individualized care,” said Brendan McCorkle, CEO and co-founder of CloudMine. “By reducing time-to-delivery by up to 70 percent, CloudMine allows developers to build robust, HIPAA-compliant web, mobile and IoT applications. This is the first step in CloudMine’s evolution as a company from mobile backend as a service to digital healthcare enablement platform.”


There is a fundamental shift in the way digital healthcare apps are delivered: Connect > Learn > Engage. Leading healthcare organizations are deploying the Connected Health Cloud to connect to data sources, aggregate data from multiple systems and connected devices, leverage analytics to identify trends and patterns, and then apply those findings to unlock innovative new ways to promote patient engagement and improve healthcare delivery.


"There is a void in healthcare technology of applications that provide meaningful and real-time, contextual patient information," said Neil Gomes, Vice President of Technology Innovation and Consumer Experience at Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health. "CloudMine's Connected Health Cloud enables us to rapidly fill this void by focusing developers on building this functionality into our applications. These modular and reusable solutions can then quickly provide a wide array of clinicians with meaningful, real-time, and deep patient insights that enhance decision-making and patient outcomes."


CloudMine successfully raised a Series A totaling $7.25 million in 2015, led by Safeguard Scientifics. The company also saw revenue growth triple over the year, landed several landmark clients, and more than doubled headcount.


The Connected Health Cloud, a secure digital health platform, is now available at