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By Alex Mack • March 1, 2016

Introducing: CloudMine’s Connected Health Cloud (CHC)

Technology continues to change the way that healthcare works in dramatic ways. However, despite advances in devices and systems, there is a large and long-standing gap between raw data and what we can learn from it. There are many investments being made in technologies that allow you to gain access to be more data, but it delivers little value if the data cannot be aggregated, normalized and analyzed. Simple, right?


When visiting a doctor, the average patient’s experience is recorded within at least 3 different information systems of record. That same patient also sees 18.7 different doctors in his or her lifetime. Between all of these doctors and all of these systems, there is little-to-no communication. This leaves a patient’s medical record scattered across many different types of systems controlled by many different IT departments and behind many different firewalls. This renders the patient, and their respective providers, lacking a holistic view of the patient’s health.


In addition to information reported by care providers, patients themselves have become a large source of data related to their everyday behaviors. This data is collected and reported via common wearable devices, such as Fitbit or Apple Watch. The combination of this patient-reported and physician-reported data has the potential to revolutionize individualized patient care by looking for common patterns in behavior that can predict the occurrence negative health conditions.


There is, however, a long way to go before we can reach that nirvana of truly predictive, personalized healthcare. In order to get there, the healthcare industry must accomplish three very large hurdles: data interoperability to connect all that valuable patient- and provider-reported data, the discovery of algorithms that can predict adverse health conditions based on this data, and tooling and infrastructure to perform actions based on these predictive indicators.


CloudMine’s Connected Health Cloud (CHC) addresses these hurdles with the following modules:

Interoperability Engine

Access your sources for provider-reported data easily. CloudMine CHC offers interoperability solutions that can connect to patient information systems, such as electronic medical record (EMR) systems anywhere. Pull the data you need out of these systems using industry standards such as HL7 and FHIR and store them in a modern format for later usage and analysis in your patient applications, workflows and statistical analysis tools.


Cognitive Analytics Engine

Once you’ve collected data from medical records, patient applications, and other public and private data sources, you need to analyze it. First you must discover patterns within the data, second you must build models off those patterns, and finally you must apply those models to your data in order to take action. The CHC normalizes this data for you into your common data models regardless of which system the originated from, integrates with common third party data analysis environments, and allows you to define workflows that apply your newfound statistical models on your data in real-time. Consider, for example, building a model that incorporates dosage timestamps, refill insurance claims, average heart rate, and weather to predict when a patient might be at risk for heart attack given poor medicine adherence.

If you need to bring out the heavy machinery and engage in deep machine learning, CHC also integrates with the leaders in predictive analytics solutions: IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure Machine Learning.


Developer Tools

Building off of a solid foundation in mobile backend-as-a-service, our suite of developer tools allows you to build custom mobile applications and web applications to integrate back into the CHC. With these tools, including our SDKs for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Xamarin, and PhoneGap, as well as our Health SDK with integration into Apple’s ResearchKit, you can build applications that keep your patients engaged with your portions of their care journey as well as collect critical health information from their authorized medical and wearable devices to capture invaluable context from a patient’s daily life.


Security and Reliability

CloudMine is a security-first company. We take the safety and privacy of our customers and their patients extremely serious, especially in the wake of all the healthcare data breaches in the past few years. CloudMine follows strict internal security management procedures and has independent third parties audit our compliance with HIPAA HITECH, the HITRUST CSF, and ISO 27001/27002:2013. These auditors issue letters of attestation and certification for each of these compliance programs. The CHC itself, through its APIs and the Compass administrative interface, also provides features related to security and data integrity to our customers so they too can keep patient data safe.


Why You Will Love It:

  • It can be deployed and accessible by your developers in 5 minutes
  • It enables organizations to easily connect to critical systems such EMR
  • It is HIPAA (and soon to be HITRUST) compliant, with industry leading security
  • It empowers developers to apply logic to robust data sets for streamlined real-time analytics
  • CloudMine will sign BAAs with healthcare & pharma organizations
  • It is a managed service meaning CloudMine scales & manages your environment

To try to the Connected Health Cloud, visit and click sign up to start a free trial.