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By Alex Mack • March 23, 2016

The Promise of Apple CareKit for Healthcare

Yesterday, Apple announced the release of their second healthcare-focused, open source, software framework - CareKit. This builds on the success of Apple’s 2015 launch of ResearchKit, an iOS framework meant to help researchers build engaging applications and capture clinical research data in real-time, on personal devices of a massive audience (the iOS customer base). The implications of this framework are just now being realized as educational institutions, hospitals, and big pharma deliver research applications themed around specific health conditions. Their aim is to gather information so that the developers (healthcare organizations) can improve quality of care through their practice or product. CareKit introduces a whole new paradigm and access to personal health information.


With CareKit, Apple is turning its attention to you - the patient - and your ability, as an individual, to monitor and track your personal wellbeing. Apple believes that the future of healthcare lives in the moments that happen outside of your visits to the doctor, therapist, or nurse. It’s when you experience pain, allergic reactions, or fever that often go unreported to your healthcare provider, and leave you helpless; searching for answers. By empowering the iOS development community to build applications that help you capture your everyday health, Apple is trying to solve the provider’s greatest challenge: lack of context. When reviewing the sample apps on the CareKit website, you will notice that they are targeted at tracking and engaging patients around courses of treatment, such as post surgical surveys.


CareKit creates opportunities for the entire healthcare ecosystem, as the corresponding apps will capture valuable insights related to population health, course of care/treatments, medication adherence, and much more. Providers will undoubtedly lead the charge in developing applications to improve quality of care, equating improved reimbursement rates. Equally, payers will be eager to understand treatment adherence and success, and Affordable Care guidelines begin to further take hold, and treatment-based, successful reimbursements grow in importance. Finally, Pharma/Biotech organizations will gain deeper insight into the context for which their products are consumed - and ways in which medication adherence can be further promoted.


The challenge is now on the innovative digital healthcare developer. Making sense of this new framework will be key to delivering apps quickly, and beginning to realize the benefits of this new form of engagement immediately. Stay tuned, as we will help you to better understand exactly what CareKit provides, and how CloudMine’s Connected Health Cloud complements the framework to provide a secure, cloud-based foundation for your CareKit applications. We are already at work beginning to support the CareKit SDK so you can store sensitive patient data with peace of mind, and gain key insights from the context of patient life.


Make sure to check out our ResearchKit SDK, and get a sneak peek at what will be coming for CareKit.


Want more CareKit? Watch our Carekit webinar here: "Understanding CareKit’s Role in Connected Health” .