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By 0to5 • January 29, 2016

Parse is Shutting Down. What now? CloudMine!

Yesterday, Facebook decided to shut down the Parse platform effective January 2017, giving developers roughly one year to find a new home for their applications. On paper that sounds like plenty of time, but for anyone that has experience migrating an application, the pain is real – and the stakes are high. Your user base, your business, and your passion are hanging in the balance. Let’s take a quick look at what this means for the Parse developer:

Compatibility: You have to find a platform that supports the same technologies that you used to specify your application’s logic – the core value and uniqueness that drives end user adoption.

Data migration: Your app has data. Often, lots of data. While Parse has offered a fairly simple and restrictive data migration tools (migrating to MongoDB), that doesn’t provide you with a migration path to an application backend platform – for added services such as a code execution engine, access to microservices, security, and much more.


Cost: You have a cost model that works for your needs. Switching platform vendors means having to renegotiate contracts and license fees, when you should be focused on the migration – or better yet – continuing to develop and innovate your application!


Luckily, CloudMine can help. We are the only mBaaS vendor with a proven, and frequently used Parse import tool. With CloudMine, your Parse app migration can take minutes – and you can utilize the industry leading platform that CloudMine offers to make your app even more secure, and robust. CloudMine has been the mobile backend of choice for sensitive and highly regulated industries such as healthcare – while customers from across the board use the platform for its ability to better encrypt and manage access to app data. Moreover, CloudMine is here to stay. In fact, we’re on the verge of making a significant announcement at the end of February, where we will take digital innovation to the next level. Stay tuned for that!


We also realize that price is an issue – and you need to migrate both metadata and license fees. That’s why we are offering a promotion for Parse customers, where we will match the cost of your Parse contract, and then offer a 50% discount to help you get started on our secure mobile platform (terms & conditions apply). Now you really have a reason to switch – so what are you waiting for?


Don’t make the mistake of going with just any mBaaS vendor. As Parse demonstrated today, this space is in a period of flux, and you need a vendor that is profitable, stable, independent to host your application, and poised to take it to the next level. Go with the vendor that offers rich, embedded app search capabilities, the highest security certifications in the market, and all of the mBaaS tools you would require at an enterprise scale. Here’s the best part of switching off of Parse… give us a call or shoot us a note and you will get to speak with a real life CloudMine engineer!


Sign up for your free Parse migration consultation here. Life after Parse: CloudMine!