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By Alex Mack • March 1, 2016

A letter from our Founder: Connected Health Cloud Release

Dear CloudMine Supporter,

CloudMine has built a reputation as the most secure provider of backend mobile app infrastructure. Today we are pleased to announce a new set of tools designed to drive innovation for the healthcare industry - the Connected Health Cloud. We have been working with leading pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare provider organizations, to create a comprehensive platform that makes healthcare data interoperable and ultimately improves quality of care.


The Connected Health Cloud was developed upon the realization that our customers have vast amounts of patient data in traditional HIS systems, but lack access to the world of patient data being generated from connected devices in day-to-day life. Moreover, they have no way to bring this data together, and derive meaningful insights about wellness, patterns, anomalies, and more. Insights that can transform the way medicine is practiced, and serve as the foundation for delivering the next wave of patient engagement – intelligent digital health applications.


We designed the Connected Health Cloud around the emerging paradigm for delivering digital health solutions: Connect > Learn > Engage. The Connected Health Cloud connects and culminates data from new sources such as remote patient monitors, fitness trackers, and clinical devices, as well as existing HIS (like EHR) and business systems to gain a deeper (learn) understanding of the patient, and population health. Our customers are using this data to build compelling digital health solutions that (engage) promote adherence, efficacy, and engagement – ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.


As a former healthcare provider, I experienced the role that information plays in determining quality of care, firsthand. I am proud to power the future of healthcare - CloudMine’s Connected Health Cloud.


Please visit here to view more on the Connected Health Cloud.