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By Stephanie Musal • June 7, 2017

An Open Note to Anyone Considering CloudMine

I remember my father walking but not well and not for long. I recall the progression of his own feet, to a cane, to a walker, to a power wheelchair. The progression from yearly, to monthly, to weekly, to daily doctor scheduled treatments and checkins.  

For anyone unfamiliar, Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease with symptoms that stretch across a wide spectrum of severity. MS attacks the protective coating on nerve endings and causes scar tissue to form in its place. The scar tissue disrupts the messages being sent to the brain from the nerves.  This can result in blindness, labored breathing, inability walk, and distorted speech. Or it can live in a human virtually undetected.

My father lives on the very severe end of the spectrum.

He was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 24 years ago. Instead of organizing our relationship into years, it is sometimes easier to organize it into chapter of relapses and remissions. In this chapter, he lives on his own, he still manages to cook for himself, he does his laundry, and takes care of his dog. Despite this, his MS has also triggered sleep apnea, left him paraplegic, and caused him to have difficulty controlling his speech. And with the determination to remain independent, my father loses his balance getting in and out of bed, showering, and switching his laundry.

Healthcare Technology and Multiple Sclerosis

The first piece of technology I really remember impacting my father’s battle with this disease is his Life Alert bracelet. Prior to registering for Life Alert, there was always the chance my dad would fall and have to muster the strength to crawl to reach a phone to call my brother or an ambulance to help him up.

 Fast forward to 24 technology years later. Today his house is connected to Amazon’s Echo. Alexa make his life easier with voice commands to turn off and on electronics, reminders to take his medicines, and answering questions that my father can ask verbally instead of fumbling to type into Google.

Today there is no cure for Multiple Sclerosis but it is the evolution of the technology available to us today that has allowed my father to remain independent.

 Passion and Purpose

I come to work everyday for CloudMine because I know this technology can transform faster with us than without us. When I think of healthcare innovation teams planning their roadmap, I think of my dad whose life may be changed by their ideas. I want the innovation teams to have their ideas turned into technology that is ready for my dad to use tomorrow, not a year from now.

CloudMine has allowed me to imagine a chapter where he can have his doctor’s appointments via telemedicine appointments from the comfort of his home. A chapter where all of his health records from the dozens of providers he sees regularly could hold all of the same information to create a more cohesive treatment experience. A chapter where his doctors receive live data and notifications about his breathing, mobility, and any potential issues coming down the line.

While, no one has built an application specifically for Multiple Sclerosis on the CloudMine platform yet, these transformations are happening with the help of CloudMine technology every day for other types of treatment.

If you have a digital healthcare idea, don’t wait. Sign up for a free trial of CloudMine’s platform here and change someone’s life tomorrow.

Or explore a handful of our customer case studies here to see what other people have built using the CloudMine platform.