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By 0to5 • March 4, 2016

AlphaSoftware, CloudMine Develop Healthcare Solution

For many healthcare organizations, effectively and securely managing data is key. While mobile and Web apps can provide value, businesses need to ensure data is compliant and secure. CloudMine,, a leading mobile service platform for healthcare and life science organizations, has just announced a partnership with rapid mobile app developers Alpha Software Corp.,, accelerating how IT and lines-of-business build and manage mobile and Web apps, to scale secure, powerful HIPAA (health insurance portability and accountability) compliant mobile-app development and deployment for healthcare and life science organizations.

The two companies are creating a combined solution from Alpha Anywhere and CloudMine that provides security and compliance throughout the technology stack, while empowering IT and business users to more quickly deliver mobile optimized forms, enterprise-grade mobile apps, and rich HTLML5 Web applications, using a low-code approach.


This tool provides health organizations with the opportunity to create a multimedia app with video, photos, and scans that are compatible on almost any device to contain the overflow of patient information that they receive every day. An organization can also reduce their time to market by up to 70%, turning year-long initiatives into weeks-long projects.


By incorporating CloudMine’s mobile backend-as-a-service, the solution will feature key elements such as code deployment and execution, security, interoperability (wearables/sensors, EHR (electronic health records) data, etc.)—while being up-to-date on healthcare compliance requirements.


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