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By Stephanie Musal • September 12, 2016

4 Universal Truths of Patient Satisfaction for your Digital Health App

Interactions between patients and the healthcare world is changing.  What has traditionally been a chart based system of physical interactions and experiences is rapidly shifting to an always connected digital health ecosystem. 

With this shift has come a tidal wave of digital health application development. This wave is not without reason; It is expected that investors will inject $1B into on-demand healthcare companies by the end of 2017.  Healthcare is a highly competitive space where patient retention and acquisition are the key drivers to successful healthcare businesses.  As a healthcare organization considers what is at stake, it is important to make sure patients are totally satisfied with their experience in order to be successful.

But in today’s app driven mobile world, howhave patients needs changed? The short answer is they haventt!  In the pre-mobile healthcare world, “patient satisfaction” could be summarized as:

-       Having an informed and knowledgeable doctor

-       Doctor’s easy access to medical history

-       Ability to easily communicate with the doctor and staff

-       Clean appearance and atmosphere in the doctor’s office


While interactions between patients and the healthcare ecosystem are evolving, these Universal Truths remain constant in today’s digital health environment.

-       The application should provide accurate and knowledgeable responses to patient questions

-       The application should allow access to a widely dispersed set of records and medical history

-       Real time communication with doctors and staff from a smart phone app is required

-       The application should have a clean and easy to navigate user experience


With the shift of interaction in the healthcare space, developing mobile applications is serving as a remedy for patient experience problems. But only when it is approached with the universal truths of patient satisfaction in mind. Unfortunately, a lot of effort and money has been spent on applications and patient portals that don't serve the wants of the end consumer, the patient.

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