01 | 13 | 17

What is Blockchain and What Does it Mean for Healthcare?

Blockchain is becoming an increasingly popular topic in healthcare. This is part one of a three-part series aimed at helping you understand what Blockchain is, what its benefits and downfalls are for healthcare, and where it fits into your technology stack.

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01 | 03 | 17

21st Century Cures Act: Quick takes for mHealth application development teams

The recent US presidential election has resulted in much uncertainty in the healthcare sector due to the likely repeal of parts or all of the ACA, and the future of value-based care. However, the signing of the 21st Century Cures Act into law, on December 13, 2016, has been a positive development for the healthcare...

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12 | 20 | 16

Why AWS Doesn't Make You fully HIPAA Compliant

What is AWS?

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12 | 19 | 16

How to Build a HIPAA-compliant mHealth App

While there are about 259,000 mHealth apps currently available in the market on major app stores, a significant majority of these apps do not properly support the needs of patients.According to a study conducted by Health Affairs, most apps are far below the required standard for enabling high-need, high-cost...

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12 | 14 | 16

What ResearchKit Means to Researchers

Apple’s ResearchKit was released in 2015 and has helped a number of organizations improve their clinical trial efforts. Despite the obvious benefits, adoption has been slow for much of the industry. Healthcare has historically been slow to introduce new procedures, with clinical trials proving to be no different.

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11 | 28 | 16

The Anatomy of Medical Device Attacks

With tools available like wearables, IoT hospital equipment and implantables, people are getting more visibility into their health everyday. By making users more aware and connected, and by providing more visibility into the day to to day life of those being treated,preventative health is solving many of...

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11 | 15 | 16

The Cost of Non-Adherence

Defining Non adherence

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10 | 31 | 16

Real Examples of How IoT is Changing Healthcare

The IoT market is booming.  With 20 billion things estimated to be in use by the end of 2020, growing from a measly 6.4 billion in 2016, the IoT movement will have far reaching effects in many industries, such as transportation, agriculture, and manufacturing. Possibly the most influential of the affected industries...

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09 | 30 | 16

What is HITRUST?

HITRUST, also known as Health Information Trust Alliance is an organization that “was born out of the belief that information security should be a core pillar of, rather than an obstacle to, the broad adoption of health information systems and exchanges.” While HITRUST is not a framework, it is the organization...

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09 | 22 | 16

The 7 Deadly EHR Sins

EHR’s present great opportunity to operationalize, parse and collect patient data in ways that healthcare has not been able to in the past.  But because EHRs keep the data largely inoperable, we have yet to see such innovation as common practice. The reality is, this data doesn’t have have to remain inoperable.

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